Vroom vroom daddy

5 05 2010

People are a little surprised to see me in a NASCAR shirt.  I drive a European car, comb my hair, and live in Southern California.  But I’m loving the reaction I’m getting today.  “Dad that’s a sweet shirt!” my son said, “Vroom, vroom” my daughter said.  When’s the last time I heard that walking out the door to go to work?  “Seriously??” said a co-worker.  Oh yes, seriously.  Collared-shirt guy inspired by a cool t-shirt and willing to wear it into the world.

I’m not the hugest NASCAR fan on the planet – but I do love cars, racing, and sporting events.  As with any sport you gotta pick a favorite and my favorite driver is Greg Biffle.  Could be the way he drives, could be that I wore number 16 when I played baseball – doesn’t matter – you choose a favorite and you stick with it.  So I was excited when we produced Greg Biffle shirts.

My company has produced literally millions of shirts for NASCAR and their drivers.  It’s a supply and demand thing – and there’s a hell of a lot of demand for NASCAR.  The designs change, the drivers are different, the shirt styles shift to keep up with the pace of racing fashion – but they are always cool to the NASCAR crowd.  And sometimes they grab the casual fan like myself for whatever reason.  The shirts are worn and go walking into the world. And the big 3M logo?  I don’t mind being their billboard – after all they paid for this shirt and gave it to me for free.



One response

26 06 2013

I stumbled on your blog on https://whitethreads.wordpress.
com/2010/05/05/vroom-vroom-daddy/ and I’m extremely glad I have. I feel as though you’re reading my mind right now.
You seem to know a lot regarding this, like you authored the book on it or something.
While I think some extra media like some pics or a couple of videos, this will be a fantastic resource.

I will undoubtedly be back.

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