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7 05 2010

“What is F9?” I have been asked that question at least once every time I wear this t-shirt.  I know it’s a cool logo, but other than that I didn’t really have an answer.  Trust me, you sound pretty stupid when someone asks you about the shirt you’re wearing and you have no idea.

So I Googled it and what did I find?  The “F9 Falcon” is a wonder of modern technology, “capable of lifting over 28,000 kg to Low Earth Orbit, and over 15,000 kg to Geostationary Transfer Orbit.”

My unscientific interpretation is that the F9 is a super rocket that will propel space exploration farther than ever – perhaps even making it possible to someday colonize other planets.  It’s made by a company called SpaceX.  Obviously they are smart because the make things like the F9 Falcon, but they are also very smart about the way they market themselves because they promote their brand with products that people appreciate.  Here’s how:

Step 1 – Produce merchandise for the public that is simple and usable (in this case wearable).

Step 2Don’t make it a blatant and obnoxious advertising message so people don’t feel like they are marketing for you.

Step 3 – Scale the message back so much that it makes people curious enough to do the research on their own.

The result?

People like me that gladly wear the shirt and have an acceptable answer to “What is F9?”

It’s one thing to tell the world that your products and services are awesome.  But having random people wear your logo, walk around and talk to people about your company – well that’s something else entirely.  That’s a great example of valuable brand promotion and word-of-mouth marketing.



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9 05 2010
SpaceX viral marketing for Falcon 9 launch with t-shirts? « Astrowright

[…] SpaceX is employing a bit of real-world viral marketing for the Falcon 9 launch.  F9 T-Shirts?  Take a look.  So, is this […]

9 05 2010

Curiosity piqued.

Are F9 shirts available to the public?

10 01 2012
Brad White

I have been asked about this project a lot recently. I do not have any F9 shirts to sell. That is a project that my old company produced for Spacex. If you want to get one, I would recommend you attend a convention where they exhibit.

31 05 2012
Brad White

I just want to reiterate that I do not sell SpaceX merchandise. I have contacted SpaceX and as soon as I have a way for you to buy their products I will post a link.

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