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11 05 2010

Sorry Ozzy, I am Iron Man

Iron Man 2 did over $130 million at the box office in the first weekend – shocker.  So why did it do so well?

1. Robert Downey Jr. is a gold mine.

2. Superhero movies capture the older crowd that remembers the original AND the young crowd that doesn’t care, as long as the effects are sweet.

3. Every summer needs a blockbuster movie.

Ah yes, the summer blockbuster.  Personally, I’m a “wait for video” guy because I can’t sit still for two hours, but I’ll probably make an exception for Iron Man – I love superhero movies.  You do too.  You know who else loves them?  Advertisers.

My company produced Iron Man 2 t-shirts with Norton (Symantec) as a sponsor.  They tied it to their “Allow/Deny” campaign because “Tony Stark’s identity is at risk.”  Symantec understands that aligning your brand with the proper character or concept speaks louder than words.  They’ve done it before with Dokken:  Chicken vs. Dokken and with Kimbo Slice:  Caterpillar vs. Kimbo

Shirt back

But when you partner with a franchise and an icon like Iron Man, you are pulling out the big guns.

I brought one home for my son (to whom I am the Santa Claus of t-shirts), and he wants to wear it every day.  And when he does, he brings Norton’s ad message with him – to the park, the ballgame, to school, etc.  Does he care?  Heck no – they gave him his favorite shirt for free.



3 responses

11 05 2010

Allow my comment! Good write up Bradly

11 05 2010
Brad White

All comments allowed – and welcome.

12 05 2010
John Costelli

Cool Blog idea Brad. Whitethreads….clever name. Hope all is well.

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