Be Like Jack

21 05 2010

It’s over.

You know you love a TV show if you’re upset when each episode ends.  That’s how I feel every week after 24.  And now, not just the end of an episode – the end of a series – the final chapter.

Jack Bauer will kick your butt.  He always escapes and he never quits.  He doesn’t do what he’s told – he does what’s right.  In twenty-four hours Jack Bauer makes more tough decisions than most of us do in a lifetime.  He’s the good guy and the bad guy.  He’s reckless, he’s tough, he’s a rebel – and we all wish we were a little more like him.

Yeah, so I love 24, and I’m not alone.  Millions of us have tuned-in twenty-four times a year to hear that unmistakable “tick-TICK, tick-TICK” which means it’s time for another episode.  Jack Bauer is part of our culture.  Ever see a list of Jack Bauer facts?  If someone said “David Palmer”, “Tony Almeida”, or “CTU” – would you know exactly what they were talking about?

Now that the show is over I’m going to get DVD’s of each of the seasons.  I will probably watch 2 or 3 episodes at a time.  Ahhh – no commercials!  With the release of Season 5, Fox Studios gave away a free t-shirt when you bought the DVD.  I was lucky enough to make those shirts.  What an honor to produce a project for my favorite TV show of all-time.

Don’t mess with me today.

The shirt is exactly as it should be – Gunmetal gray, with a big “CTU” logo that only a fan would understand, printed distressed to look like you’ve had it since Jack first started beating bad guys.  When I wear mine, I feel like I can make quick decisions, use a firearm, and probably escape if I had to.  That’s a feeling that doesn’t stop when the show is over.  They can end the series – they can’t kill Jack Bauer.


Classic Jack Quotes:

  • “I have killed two people since midnight.  I haven’t slept in over 24 hours.  So maybe you should be a little more afraid of me than you are now.”
  • “If I’d wanted to kill you, I’d have come in shooting!”
  • “You can look the other way once, and it’s no big deal, except it makes it easier for you to compromise the next time.”
  • “You either do as I say and you live, or you don’t and you die for nothing.”
  • “The only reason you’re still conscious is because I don’t want to carry you.”

And from the man himself:

  • “There are two things that Jack Bauer never does. Show mercy, and go to the bathroom.”  Kiefer Sutherland




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