Free Cigars?

18 06 2010

I spend a lot of time helping companies make a shirt look “cool” enough for you to wear into the world.  Today I would like to introduce a new way to get that coveted public endorsement – I call it the T-shirt Coupon.

“Half-off,” “Buy one get one,” “Sign a contract, get a discount”.  You’ve been offered these incentives.  You fold your coupon, stuff it in your pocket, and bring it into the store – who sees that?  You do, and that’s about it.  But alas, the T-shirt Coupon:

“Wear this shirt into 7/ll for a free Slurpee on Saturday.”

“Wear this shirt to a hardware store for a free can of WD-40.”

“Wear this shirt for a free pack of Hormel bacon with any grocery store purchase.”

I would wear all of those shirts with pride.

So today, on T-shirt Friday, I am wearing my Camacho Cigar shirt in hopes that Excalibur Cigars (the greatest cigar shop in San Diego) will honor my T-shirt Coupon idea and give me a free cigar.

Every Father’s Day I like to kick back in the afternoon with a cigar and a Scotch or a Cognac.  So I need to go to Excalibur and pick out something nice.  It’s true that I wear this Camacho shirt anyway, but if I could use it to get a discount on my favorite brand of cigars, I would wear it every day.


THE dad

And in the holiday spirit – Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  It ain’t easy being a role model, jar opener, protector, coach, hair braider, butt wiper, sensitive guy, tough guy, provider, supporter, joke teller, pitcher, lawn mower, bug squisher, tent builder, homework helper, taxi driver, teacher – but we do all these things and more.

As a father myself, I try every day to follow the example of my dad, Dale White, the greatest guy I know.  Love you dad.

And love to all the great dads out there on Father’s Day.  You deserve a free cigar.



4 responses

18 06 2010

CLASSIC Brad, classic

18 06 2010
David C

Sounds like a good promo plan.

20 06 2010
dale white

Thanks, so much, Brad I am so proud of you!!! You and your brothers are
great Dads and what more can I ask for. I love you. Dad

21 06 2010

Can I wear my money shirt into a bank?

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