Be A Hero

16 07 2010

I recently ran into a little car trouble – no worries though, I’ve got AAA.  Pull the card out of the wallet, call the number, and the guy on the other end answers, “AAA Roadside Assistance, how can I make your day better?”  He didn’t offer to “assist” me like so many customer service people would – he basically guaranteed me that the result of the call would be that my day got better.

I’m a guy that thinks a lot about customer service, and that greeting really impressed me.  Here I was stranded on the side of the road and all of a sudden I feel like I have a partner in turning around a stressful situation.  He politely took my information, assessed the problem, and dispatched a truck.  I thanked him for his approach to me and my situation, and of course he said, “Yes sir – that’s my job.”


Within 15 minutes the service truck arrives.  I had blown out my back tire on a steep hill and couldn’t jack up my car to change it without the car rolling backwards.  Not a problem for the AAA mechanic.  He sprang into action – he had the right tools and the right attitude – and he was done in no time.

As he’s working away, I’m feeling relieved, and thinking to myself, “How cool to have a job where it is your duty, your responsibility to be a hero?  I think I want to work for AAA just so I can spend all of my time helping people – being someone’s hero.”


After a little more consideration, I realized that my job is to help people – all of our jobs are to help people, or we would have no value and therefore no job – but it’s the way we do those jobs that makes us heroes.  There are obvious hero jobs like Fireman, Doctor, etc.  But if you are a hair dresser and you give the extra effort to make a bride her most beautiful on her wedding day – you are a hero.  If you are a marketer and you help a client exceed their goals – you are a hero.  If you are a teacher and you encourage a struggling student to graduate in the face of adversity – you are a hero.  If you work for AAA and provide safety, security, and a positive attitude in stressful situations – you definitely are a hero.

So I look inward – am I just doing my job, or am I improving my surroundings and exceeding expectations?  Am I willing to guarantee a client that their day will be better after we speak?  Am I saving someone from a difficult situation?  Am I being someone’s hero?  Are you?



4 responses

16 07 2010

good post brad. keep lookin inward::)

18 07 2010
Dan Collins

This post is a home run – nice.

19 07 2010
Susan Gagainis

You’ve “hit-the-nail-on-the-head!” The service we provide to our clients is everything in our industry. That’s the edge we have on competition, same as AAA. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Susan

23 07 2010
Brad White

Thanks for the comment Susan. I love your site – and the cool shirts of course!

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