Risky Bizness

30 07 2010

Can we all agree that you must make changes in your life if you want to improve it?  So why do people fight change so much?  Change is hard – it forces you to question yourself, break habits, admit your flaws, expose your inefficiencies and avoid the safety of your routine.  Change requires you to disrupt the status quo and not do what is expected – change requires risk.  Risk-takers open themselves to scrutiny, judgment, and ridicule from peers.

My attempt to brand myself through this blog provides an example of an uncomfortable change in the right direction.  I know that by revealing my thoughts I risk inviting negative opinions.  I know that for every person who enjoys reading what I have to say, there is another that scoffs at me.  However, writing this blog has increased visibility in my industry, expanded my network, and has directly led to business.

Here’s what I have learned:  If you worry too much about what other people think then you will never do anything.  Let me say that again – if you worry too much about what other people think then you will NEVER do ANYTHING.

I was recently chosen as a “Rising Star” in the Promotional Products industry.  It is a real honor and I am very grateful.  And now my picture is on the cover of a magazine, and my mom is proud – and I want to share with my clients and colleagues.  But I have been hesitant to publicize it because I am afraid people would consider me arrogant.  To hell with that!  That rationale will keep me comfortable, but will never propel me in my career, in my life.

So today, on “T-shirt Friday” when I normally show a picture of myself or my friends and family in a t-shirt, I will buck the trend and display my more serious side, my collared shirt side.  Some people will hate me and some will think it’s great.

If I am going to improve myself then I must remember:

  • When I am filled with doubt, I should try to believe.
  • When I want to rebel, I should try to learn.
  • When I resent, I should try to embrace.
  • When I look for comfort, I must take risks.

What’s the phrase about anything worth doing is difficult?  Insert that here.

Enjoy the results!

My friend Ken sent me this video – thanks man.  And good job to Derek Sivers.



9 responses

30 07 2010

Good stuff.

30 07 2010

making yourself uncomfortable is the only way to grow as a person. just like falling down repeatedly while wakeboarding is the only way to learn that new trick…

30 07 2010

Kudos to you!

30 07 2010

Pictures, videos & Bullet points – love it!

30 07 2010
David Brouse

Awesome Brad. Spot on, nailed it, you are IN THE ZONE! Congrats on being honored in the magazine; picture looks great. Amazing stuff, my friend!

30 07 2010
Your mentor


Sometimes you really show why you’re a good leader. This be one of them times.


2 08 2010
Bent Laursen

Very nice job – good observations! And congratulations on the cover!

18 08 2010
Mike Nelson

Brad, this is just great. Love the words, your choosing risk, the video. . .everything.
I will be using the video in a staff meeting and your thoughts on improving oneself will be shared with my own network of friends and associates.

18 08 2010
Brad White

Thank you all so much for the positive feedback – this is the stuff that propels me forward, and I appreciate that more that you can imagine.

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