What’s Next: QR Codes

22 10 2010

Click this pic then scan me

I love the future.  I love gadgets, technology, and any kind of advanced device that provides tangible evidence of our progress as a society.  I love the benefit of that progress – I believe it defines us.

We have seen so much progress that we become numb to it.  Raise your hand if getting a microwave oven was a big deal.  Were you amazed the first time you saw a digital watch?  Are you reading this and you can remember life before color TV?  How then do you feel about 3DTV?  And remember maps?  GPS has made them obsolete.

The recent and sudden improvement in our ability to communicate is staggering.  Never have we been more connected to each other than we are right now.  Just 10 years ago it would have cost a small fortune in long distance charges if you kept in touch with the same amount of people you contact today.  Businesses can connect with their clients in ways that were previously not possible.  And as happy as I am with the progression, I can’t help but ask, what’s next?

Scan for Park Info

If you don’t know what a QR code is, it stands for “Quick Response” and is basically a barcode that can be scanned by your smartphone.  Barcodes traditionally tell you the price of something – QR codes can be created with pretty much any information you can think of.  Scan a QR code with your phone and you can get contact info, websites, coupons, product information, or videos.  A company or an individual can go online and create their own QR code.  Plug in your personal info or company message, and anyone who scans it brings you into their world, and becomes part of your audience.

In the interest of keeping pace with the latest advances in marketing technology, we have decided to start printing QR codes on t-shirts.  Click my picture above to blow it up, and then scan the code on the shirt with your phone.  You will get all of my contact information.  If I wanted to put a video on your phone I could, but I decided to spare you – for now.  I am really excited to see all of the different and creative ways my clients will use these codes in the coming year.


If you want to learn more about the future, read The Singularity is Near by Raymond Kurzweil – it’s a bit of a tough read – highly scientific, but will blow your mind.  Oh, and if you’re reading this from the future, please refrain from laughing at our feeble technology – I expect everything will be faster, cheaper and better by your time, but I’m proud of our progress thus far.



4 responses

22 10 2010
George Anastassatos

Hey Brad,
Good to see you writing about this, all of you folks that have i-phones out there if you go to the app store you can download a free QR code reader called Neo reader. It’s handy next time you see a QR code just pull out your phone and get in the know.


22 10 2010
Brad White
24 10 2010

Great post.

25 10 2010

I love this post! I also love stuff of the future. I hope QR codes will catch on as more of the general population get smart phones (i.e. iPhone/Blackberry/Android). It’s so interesting to see how people are using all this new technology. Here is an article with another interesting use for QR codes:


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