Moment of Silence / Something Happens

12 11 2010

In honor of the brave men and women that protect this country, I am observing a moment of silence.  Although I greatly respect the honorable contribution of those that have given their lives and service to the military, I am not one of them.  I can show appreciation but do not speak from experience.  Therefore, instead of my weekly blog, I would like to share the thoughts of a man that actually served – my mentor, Mr. Dan Collins.

Something Happens

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” – Cynthia Ozick

Something important happens when I meet a combat veteran.  Something that’s hard to explain.  There’s a recognition, a respect, a salute and… a sadness that embraces me.  It’s simple, silent and sincere.  It’s a shared appreciation.  It’s different than the love that I have for my child.  It’s different than the respect I have for role models.  It’s different than the salute I give to accomplishments.  It’s different and yet it’s the same.  It’s a strange bond that transcends country, color, race and religion.  It’s older than age and younger than youth. It’s about sacrifice and sincere substance.  It’s grave and it’s gravitas.  It’s hard to explain the warm smile and the chilling sadness that I feel when I think of the value and values of a veteran.  It’s hard to explain but…

Something important happens.

Dan Collins

Read Dan’s Blog here:



2 responses

12 11 2010
Dan Collins

Thank You Brad – There are no words to express the respect and admiration I have for the value and the values of veterans. Those values are by no means exclusive to veterans. As a father and associate you display many of the traits that we revere and hold in high esteem.

I am honored and thankful.

12 11 2010
Brad White

Thank you Mr. Collins – you provide me with a great example.

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