Branding with Video

20 11 2010

Since I began writing my blog I get asked a lot of questions, and many of them are related to the videos I have made.   Here are some tips for making videos to promote your brand:

Keep it Short. Try to keep it around two minutes long.  If you have more content than that, split is up in to sections – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 – and name each part with the specific content so people know what to expect.

Amateur is OK. So you don’t have a recording studio or a video editor on staff – no big deal.  Get a decent video camera (very affordable right now), or you can even use the camera in your smartphone, as many of them are pretty high quality.  Personally I enjoy amateur-looking videos (like this one) because I feel I get to know the real person.

Build Value. So why should we watch your video?  Why would anyone care?  Educate and Entertain.  You have a specific audience you are speaking to – what educational value or entertainment value can you bring to them?  We are a “what’s in it for me?” society – if you can’t educate or entertain us, we will click off after 20 seconds.

Edit. You probably already have a program on your computer – if not, there are a number of great programs you can download for free.  Clip out the beginning and end where you were fumbling with the camera – add music, add text, splice sections together.  Remember, this is YOUR creation – there is no right and wrong.

Practice Makes Perfect (or at least better). Before I ever published my first video I hooked up my webcam and just looked at it and started talking.  I was very uncomfortable in the beginning.  I thought, “Who will see this?  What if I look stupid?  Am I making sense?  Do I have a booger?”  In time I grew less nervous, more confident, and eventually forgot the camera was there and focused on my message.

Broadcast. YouTube, Facebook, your website, etc. – there are many ways to get your videos watched.  Put them out there, encourage sharing, and post updated content.  We are hungry for original, interesting material – just give us access to it.

Good luck everybody.  Hope to SEE you soon!



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20 11 2010

Excellent post Brad ~ You have outlined some great points! I believe video is the way of the future online. I heard an interesting stat ~ Estimated fact: “Within 4 yrs 90% of data on the web will be video” ~ from this fascinating Ted talk:

Here is another great post on being authentic & vulnerable when using video:

I ♥ Video!

21 11 2010
Brad White

Thanks for sharing Juhli – good stuff.

22 11 2010
Cassandra Johnson

Great tips on use of video, Brad. I am going to share this with the regional associations as I’ve been encouraging many of them to use more video.

I think a key point here is that amateur is ok! People tend to get itimidated by video, but the YouTube genre has allowed amateur video to be the norm.

Thanks for the insight,


22 11 2010
Brad White

Not only is amateur ok, it shows an honest, genuine perspective that your audience will appreciate.

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