Comfort Kills

3 12 2010

As this year winds to a close and we spend time with our loved ones and celebrate the season, I can’t help but think about the year ahead.  Call it a New Year’s resolution, call it a goal, call it a challenge – we are just a few short weeks away from the renewal of our annual cycle.  How will we approach it?  What will we change?  What will we accomplish in the coming year?

Each year represents a new challenge, and for me the challenge next year is huge.  So I do what I always do – I go in search of direction, inspiration, and resources.  This time the inspiration found me.  This week I have stumbled across 3 or 4 different articles about Richard Branson, and the timing could not be better.

Richard Branson founded Virgin Records and became a multi-millionaire.  A lot of people would have been satisfied with the success of their early endeavors.  Not Branson.  Did he get complacent, drink too many margaritas, and absolve himself of productivity?  Absolutely not.  Instead of basking in the warm glow of success, he throws himself on the fire.  He risks it all and starts an airline.  It too is successful.  Does he sit back and smile?  Maybe a little – and then he starts a mobile technology company.  Why stop there?  How about an innovative digital publication?  Still not satisfied??  Virgin Galactic – oh yeah – flights into space.

So why keep going?  What’s the point?  When will this insatiable Branson finally rest?!?!

There is a phrase that says something to the effect that “satisfaction is the death of desire.”  My paraphrased version is “comfort kills.”  The best musicians, artists, and poets are usually somehow tortured.  The best fighters are often the most hungry.  In a world where everyone works for a bigger piece of the pie, you must improve to compete.  You cannot become complacent, lazy, comfortable.  You must find a way to stay hungry.

I’m no Richard Branson – I do not own an airline, so I have a long way to go.  Therefore I am throwing myself on the fire.  The coming year will challenge me greatly.  I will be doubted and questioned – by others and by myself.  Announcements will be made, and I will be criticized as much as I will be applauded.  Discomfort will find me – and I will embrace it.  I will not look back and I will not apologize.  Great things come from chaos.  May we all find a way to make ourselves uncomfortable in the coming year.



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3 12 2010

Knock ’em dead Brad!

3 12 2010

Brad, I am so proud to call you son-in-law. Keep those positive thoughts flowing, loved the email about Branson

Mom Laursen

3 12 2010
Brad White

Thank you so much for the support. And seriously, I hope everyone finds a way to go out and do something difficult, something to be proud of.

3 12 2010

“Comfort Kills” is going on the white board for 2011.

Go get ’em!

3 12 2010
Mitchell Brown

As you have so many times, you have inspired me, Brad. I am so f#@%ing proud to call you my friend.

“Comfort Kills” is already prominently placed right next to the picture of my brother and me so I can see both as I write.

4 12 2010
Tonia Allen Gould

Great message, Bradson. Keep ’em coming.

6 12 2010

Bravo, and kudos! Brad. Jumping outside our comfort zone is the best way to move forward and brings us closer to reaching our full potential as humans. wishing you all the best in your new add-ventures (ha ha) we’ll miss having you around the office, but will look forward to keeping in touch in future. see ya in Vegas!!

16 12 2010
Tonia Ho

Awesome Brad! Writing this while on the treadmill, eh? A great reminder of how far perserverence, growth focus and desire can take us all….thanks for taking us with you!

16 12 2010
Brad White

Thanks Tonia – I am honored that you are following my journey.
Yes, written on the treadmill yet again. I will post a new entry today that was written on a plane, which is my favorite place to write. Today’s blog will have a deeper explanation of what’s going on.

22 01 2011
Cindy Whittington

My thoughts exactly!! I love that uncomfortable feeling I get when chaos finds me! Glad to find your blog!! Cindy

15 02 2011

Nice Job man… Your writings will shape the future of many… Keep Up

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