Believe or Be Lost

25 03 2011

I believe.  Every day I confirm that simple truth.  I believe that I control my own destiny.  I believe that I can be a better person.  I believe that good things happen when you open yourself to the possibility.  I believe that I don’t know everything – I believe that I can learn faster when I acknowledge this.  I believe that people are naturally good, although often misguided and confused.  I believe that people deserve a second chance.  I believe that you can show me how to live a better life.  I believe that smiling is so important.  I believe that positive energy is contagious.  I believe that teaching is the best way to learn.  I believe that we are all related to each other – I believe that some day we will accept this.  I believe that most people would be happier if they took some risks. I believe that all businesses are basically the same.  I believe that real entrepreneurs understand that partnership does not weaken their position or threaten their value.  I believe that mindset is everything.  I believe that “kids these days” are not any worse than we were – we just choose to remember the good stuff.  I believe that we often take each other for granted, and I believe we can change that if we learn to listen.

I believe that working hard will make you feel better about yourself than anything else you can do.  I believe that you can work harder than you are right now – I can too.  I believe that being trustworthy is the best thing you can offer your boss – in any job.  I believe my kids will accomplish things I never thought possible.  I believe that I am supposed to have a positive impact on people.  I believe that music is therapy, joy, and inspiration.  I believe some people think I’m slacking-off because I am always having fun – I believe they don’t know me very well.  I believe that celebrating is critical when you have success.  I believe that politics and government are not the same thing.  I believe that the words “cool” and “amazing” are misused.  I believe we are all our own worst enemy.  I believe that forgiveness is the highest form of nobility.

I believe that stereotypes are tools of the weak-minded.  I believe that transparency will earn you respect.  I believe that I will be successful if I focus and am relentless in my pursuit.  I believe that believing is step one, and that if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will.  I believe that confidence is misunderstood and that we are entirely too willing to allow ourselves to be meek.  I believe that we are all lucky to be here – that life is as great as it is tragic.  I believe that there is a negative and positive way to look at everything, and that your happiness relies on your perspective.  I believe that critics should spend more time creating.  I believe that paying someone a compliment can change their life.  I believe that “believers” do great things.  I believe that life is tough, and that it’s even tougher if you don’t believe in something.



7 responses

25 03 2011

Very inspiring. The best work you’ve done so far. Maybe because you opened up about who you are. Made it more personal. I’m going to save this and have my son read it. Great work.

25 03 2011
Michele Bell

I believe that as loquacious as you are, your writing is quite introspective — and very impressive. ; )
Have a super weekend! — M

25 03 2011
Tonia Allen Gould

I believe you nailed it.

29 03 2011
Mitchell Brown

Beautiful, my brother. Thanks for sharing this.

29 03 2011
Brad White

Thank you all for the kind words. Revealing personal thoughts in your blog feels a bit risky, but very liberating – I highly recommend it.

8 04 2011
Jerry Walker

Inspiring and relevant in these times of uncertainty. Nice work. I too believe people could generally be happier if they took risks.

17 04 2011

Thank you for sharing Brad! Very inspiring. My favorite line: “I believe that there is a negative and positive way to look at everything, and that your happiness relies on your perspective.” I second that!

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