Go Motivate Yourself

20 08 2010

I hate motivational speakers.  If you are motivated by them, that’s cool – being motivated by a good presentation can have a positive effect on your energy and effort for a little while, but how do you continue to motivate yourself when the seminar is over and Matt Foley has left the building?

I define motivation as encouraged excitement that comes from a specific source – a triggered emotional response to stimulus leading to a definite action.  The source is different for everyone.  I can’t tell you how to motivate yourself, but I can tell you how I am motivated by basic sensory stimulation.

Sight – My office is filled with pictures of people I admire like my Grandfather, Rickey Henderson, and Rocky Marciano.  I’m motivated by pictures of my kids.  Maybe for you it’s a picture of that boat you want to buy or that resort you want to visit, or maybe it’s your bank statement taped to the wall.

Sound – Music is a great motivator.  I like NOFX, James Brown, Wolfmother, and 80’s anthem rock.  Some people like Springsteen, AC/DC, or the theme from Karate Kid.  Don’t underestimate the power of music.  Google the phrase “music effects on the brain” if you want to learn more.

Dress – People can get motivated with what they wear.  How do you feel when you wear a suit and tie?  Or your favorite team’s sports jersey?  I was never a soldier, but how must it feel to suit up in your gear and strap on your weapon in the morning?  I’ve also never worn a sexy dress, but my wife sure looks like she owns the world when she gets all decked out.

What I’m about to say is predictable because I’m a t-shirt guy:  T-shirts are great for motivation.  Maybe for you it’s a shirt from your vacation to Alaska when you had a close encounter with a bear, or maybe it’s the shirt you bought at a Metallica concert.  For me it’s this tiger shirt from the San Diego Zoo.  Created by artist Jordan, it was probably not intended to make me growl, but nonetheless…

The tiger doesn’t live by anyone else’s expectations.  He stares down opposition, he pounces on challengers.  He lives to hunt.  He will not relent.  He sets no limits!  No box will hold him and he sure as hell ain’t climbing into one!  He’s a wild bloody-toothed beast with glowing marble eyes, ruffled mane, and veins filled with conquering FURY!! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!

And I digress.  Anyway, unless you got a lot of time and money to attend seminars, you better figure out how to motivate yourself.  Grrrrrr.





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