When I say “WOLF”

10 09 2010

Why is it so easy to love college football?

– Community pride
– Marching band plays throughout the game
– Fewer commercials than the NFL
– Tailgate parties
– Raw emotion

The emotional pull of college football is huge.  The players are not being paid, they are playing for scholarships and desire.  Most of them will never play professionally.  This is probably the pinnacle of their athletic career, their fame, and their shot at glory.  These are not mega-million-dollar celebrity athletes, these are your classmates and friends, your neighbors and co-workers, your sons and brothers – representatives of your town or alma-mater.  It is pretty easy to get fired up rooting for these guys.

The loyalty of a fan is strong and it is for life.  Fans get emotional.  “Fan” is short for “fanatic” and we constantly display why.  We paint our faces.  We go shirtless in cold weather.  We rush the field.  We talk like we’re on the team:  “We had a tough week, but our defense is sweet and no one can beat us!”

We even dress like we’re on the team.  A lot of people are jersey-wearers, but it doesn’t end there.  People literally wear equipment to the games.  I saw a fan at a San Diego State game last weekend wearing not only a jersey, but pants, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and eyeblack.  It seemed like he thought the team might give him a chance if they ran short on players.  I was almost hoping for an injury just to see if they would actually do it.

The rest of us probably prefer the team T-shirt as our method of showing school pride.  There are simple designs with the school letters, colorful shirts with slogans, or big prints of the mascot.  You’re happy to pay for those shirts, but it’s also nice to get them for free.  Many businesses will sponsor a t-shirt giveaway with the company logo printed somewhere on the shirt.  I’ve produced a ton of those, and you’ve gotten them for free at a game.  You wear it because that’s your team, you don’t mind doing a little advertising for the company that gave it to you.  On a small level it’s a business contract – and one that is agreeable to both parties.

I went to Nevada – the Wolf Pack.  Not one wolf, but the whole pack, a team.  “Wolves, running around the desert together” The Hangover.   “When I say WOLF, you say PACK!  ‘WOLF!’ (PACK!) ‘WOLF!’  (PACK!)….”  And so on.  If you want to know why the Pack is awesome, read about the Pistol Offense or email me and I will go on a ridiculous rant.

There is a college football team near you.  Be a fan, show your loyalty – go to the games, wear the t-shirt, watch on TV, throw a party, streak the quad!!

College Football season is here, and all is right in the world.




8 responses

10 09 2010

Eagles on the warpath…ooh….aah!
Go Boston College!

10 09 2010


13 09 2010
Kristen Wells-Kennedy

I love it. Go Pack!
How are you, Brad?

16 09 2010
Brad White

For the record, that is not me in the USC outfit.

24 11 2010
Phil Davis

Sure looks like you dressed ike a Trojan. Cool SDSU jersey.

25 11 2010
Brad White

Ha! That is NOT me in the Trojan outfit. And thanks for letting us use your State jersey.

29 11 2010

Boise state kicker should have taken notes from you guys… Go Pack!!!

29 11 2010
Brad White

Or not – you should have seen the way people were looking at us in the parking lot!

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